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Telematics and Satellite Navigation Applications


De Montfort University Interdisciplinary Group in Intelligent Transport Systems. DIGITS is a centre of excellence in the fields of intelligent transport and transport infrastructure solutions. The group is dedicated to conducting research and developing programmes that will progress the introduction of sustainable urban and regional transport policies across the European Union and beyond.

Key features

We have particular expertise in the commercial exploitation of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) data. Designing systems that use GNSS modules, covering both hardware and embedded software. Applications include asset tracking, location and recovery; assisted living for dementia sufferers; and distributed environmental monitoring. We also assisted with the development of the RF components, and the embedded Software Defined Radio for the first commercially available multi-constellation GNSS receiver for NSL Ltd.


By linking up with DIGITs expertise, companies gain access to an extensive reservoir of knowledge, and experience of past commercial system and product development programmes.

Our experts

Prof Francisco Chiclana - Group Co-director, Professor of Computational Intelligence and Decision Making, Also affiliated with the Centre for Computational Intelligence

Dr David Elizondo - Group Co-director, Researcher and Principal Lecturer,Also affiliated with the Centre for Computational Intelligence - Group Co-director, Researcher and Principal Lecturer,

Prof Andrew Collop - Interim Vice Chancellor

Prof Eric Goodyer - Principal Lecturer, Reader in Instrumentation, Also affiliated with the Centre for Computational Intelligence

Mrs Clare Edwards - EU Projects Manager

Dr Benjamin Passow - Research Fellow, Also affiliated with the Centre for Computational Intelligence

Dr Jenny Carter - Principal Lecturer, Also affiliated with the Centre for Computational Intelligence

Dr Xincai Cato Tan - Senior Research Fellow

Dr Yingjie Yang - Reader in Computational Intelligence, Also affiliated with the Centre for Computational Intelligence

Dr Sarah Greenfield - Research Fellow, Also affiliated with the Centre for Computational Intelligence


DIGITS' expertise can be accessed in a variety of ways:

  • Knowledge Transfer Programmes (KTPs) - These programmes are of particular value to SME's and are Government funded to finance up to two thirds of the cost of placing a new graduate within your company to develop new products and services over a 2 year period.
  • Commerical Contract Research - This method can also be used to secure DIGITS' expertise. These contracts can be for short pieces of work, such as design review, or for more substantial development projects carried out a commercial rates and timescales.
  • Collaborative Projects - DIGITS also welcomes the opportunity to develop these to bid into the TSB and EU enabling funds.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements and the relevant pricing structures for our services.

Who we have worked with

DIGITS have worked with a number of partners in this area of expertise, including:

  • AutoTxt - DIGITS provided their expertise to assist the creation of AutoTxt, the world's first vehical alarm, immobilisation and recovery system to meet the Thactcham CAT 5 requirement of a factory fitted alarm. This product was originally developed as an after-market product for Jaguar Land Rover and is now owned by Aston Martin.
  • PRIMO - PRIMO was the first multi-constellation GNSS receiver developed for NSL Ltd. Using Software Defined Radio, Primo is able to capture data from Galileo, GPS, COMPASS and SBAS satellites.
  • Ringtrack - DIGITS are assisting Ringtrack in developing embedded applications for their Ringtrack Telematics Platform (RTP) which is a compact, ultra low power telematics platform, supporting GSM, GPRS, GPS, Low Power RF and with integrated temperature and motion sensors.
  • Mo-Tech - DIGITS carried out a design review for Mo-Tech who have recently launched a comprehensive mobile telecare product for older and vulnerable people, which includes a GPS tracker.

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