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Immunisation and Vaccination Training for Nurses


This course is designed to provide nurses involved in delivering the national immunisation and vaccination programme with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively deliver the scheduled programme and promote high uptake of vaccination and immunisation.

Structure and content

The course will be delivered over two days and will include:

  • The aims of immunisation: national policy and schedules
  • The immune system and how vaccines work
  •  Vaccine preventable diseases
  •  The different types of vaccines used and their composition
  •  Current issues and controversies regarding immunisation
  •  Communicating with patients and parents
  •  Legal aspects of vaccination
  •  Storage and handling of vaccines
  •  Correct administration of vaccines
  •  Anaphylaxis and other adverse events
  •  Documentation, record keeping and reporting
  •  Strategies for improving immunisation rates

Handouts and signposting for further learning will also be provided.

Who the course is for

This course is for registered nurses delivering the national immunisation programme.

Recommended prior knowledge

It is recommended that all attendees have knowledge of Injection techniques and Basic Life Support.

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Explain the different factors that inform vaccine policy decisions
  • Access current vaccine policy
  • Describe the current UK vaccine schedule
  • Describe how immunisation programmes are monitored through the use of surveillance and the COVER programme
  • Design appropriate schedules for individuals with uncertain or incomplete immunisation status
  • Explain the difference between innate, passive and active immunity
  • Describe the basic immune response to a vaccine
  • Describe herd immunity and explain why it is important
  • List conditions that affect the immune response to vaccines.

For each disease:

  • Describe the main signs and symptoms, mode of transmission and period of infectivity of each different vaccine preventable disease in the U.K
  • Describe the historical impact of vaccination on the epidemiology of the disease
  • Explain the current incidence of each disease in the UK
  • Describe the nature and frequency of acute symptoms and potential long term complications
  • Know where to access further information about each disease
  • Identify the type (immunoglobulin, live, inactivated, polysaccharide, conjugate) of vaccine used to prevent each disease
  • State when immunoglobulin is indicated
  • Describe how vaccines trials are carried out before a vaccine is licensed and how safety and efficacy are monitored after they are licensed and in general use
  • State the contraindications for each type of vaccine
  • Describe the nature and frequency of adverse events and compare these with the complications of the diseases
  • Know what intervals need to be observed between doses of different vaccine
  • To follow correct procedures for storage and handling of vaccines 
  • To reconstitute and administer vaccines correctly
  • To be able to manage anaphylaxis and other adverse events correctly
  • To understand the legal requirements of data protection
  • To understand the legal framework of consent
  • To understand the legal aspects of supply and administration of vaccines.

Our experts

The course will be delivered by:

Allison Brindley, Registered Nurse: Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Allison's clinical background is in primary care, working as a general practice nurse where she has managed and delivered vaccination programmes for 10 years. Allison delivers immunisation training at DMU for those new to immunisation in line with Public Health England recommendations.

Shona Green, Registered Nurse: Senior Lecturer in Emergency Care

Shona's background is within emergency and urgent care. She has worked at De Montfort University for four years and leads the PGDip Advanced Practice in Urgent Primary Care course and also the BSc/PGCE Practice Nursing.


The course will be delivered at De Montfort University, Leicester.


£259 per person


This course is delivered over two days. Dates TBC

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