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Digital Building Heritage


The Digital Building Heritage Group can help your organisation achieve its goals using digital technologies to measure, visualise and communicate your heritage interpretation and conservation projects in ways which are tailored to the audiences who matter to you.

Working closely with funding bodies, government agencies and the private sector we can help your organisation work more productively and more insightfully with the heritage assets in your care.

Key features

The kind of technologies and expertise offered include:

High quality 3D digital modelling, authentic texturing and fly-through animation of individual and groups of historic buildings, townscapes, landforms, engineering and artefacts.

Large scale 3D laser scanning of historic buildings, interiors, structures and archaeological sites in the field using specialised equipment.

3D laser scanning of smaller artefacts, art objects and sculptures using specialised lab-based scanners.

Audio 2D, 3D and binaural soundscapes for use with 3D animations and fly-throughs and for use in Tactile Audio Maps for exhibition and way-finding.

Mobile device apps, 3D digital and animated content creation for apps and for on-line services.

Interactive real-time exploratory gaming within historic environments using in best of class industry standard games engines.

BIM compliant 3D models of historic buildings for conservation planning, maintenance and adaptive re-use design and visualisation.

3D printing of physical models of historic buildings and replica artefacts for exhibition and interpretation in a range of materials including resin bonded gypsum, plastic and laminated paper.

Digital Heritage interpretation planning for historic buildings and sites.

Statements and Assessments of Character and Significance for historic building including Intelligence Analysis, Historic Character and Time Depth using digital visualisation techniques.

Archival research and investigation for heritage interpretation, visualisation and conservation.

Expert witnessing and report writing

Exhibition and public outreach for heritage interpretation and conservation.

Academic publication of research


Using the Group's technologies and expertise they can assist your business to:

  • Engage a wider public and target specific user groups.
  • Curate and care for your historic built assets.
  • Increase footfall to your sites and facilities.
  • Optimise visitor engagement before, during and after visits.
  • Increase or optimise applications in membership based organisations.
  • Assist with funding applications to government, academic and charitable funding bodies.
  • Unlock and effectively utilise and share dispersed, historical and archived data.
  • Forge collaborative relationships and generate project concepts.


The Digital Building Heritage project has the following specialist facilities and equipment:

  • Laser scanning
  • 3D printing of architectural models and archaeological artefacts.
  • Workshops for exhibition and display fabrication

Contact us

Douglas Cawthorne

Principal Lecturer

Digital Building Heritage Group (DBHG)


Web links

News of the latest conferences, workshops, new and ongoing projects and what PhD and Masters research students are doing at the Digital Building Heritage Group can be found on the Group’s blog-site, use the link below: