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DMU Crucible Project Opens Applications


Q&A with DMU’s Crucible leader, Percy Emmett

With decades of experience working in the creative industries, setting up and running his own businesses or helping others to do the same, Percy is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to make their mark.

A firm believer that business advice is not “one size fits all”, Percy, who is Associate Professor Enterprise at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) runs DMU’s Crucible Project helping students turn their product or service into a business.

Now as applications open for the next year’s Crucible programme, we caught up with Percy to find out how it can help you.

What are you looking for from applicants?

A good idea, passion and commitment to their business goals and objectives.

What does being part of The Crucible involve?

Crucible is a family, Crucible is where all have similar problems to solve, being part of that family means you can share those problems and issue and get valuable support in overcoming them.

It means we are a collective that supports and helps each other through the very difficult stages of business design, development and delivery.

How much does it cost?

All it costs you is time, effort and dedication to your business develoment and growth.

Do I have to have a business already up and running?

Crucible is a business start-up programme that supports those that have a good idea and want to turn it in to a great business. Crucible accept businesses that have been running up to two years old.

Do I have to have a particular kind of business idea?

We are open to any idea on Crucible. Some of the sectors that we have supported over the years are:

· Fashion

· Ceramics

· Gaming

· Animation

· Gamification

· Jewellers

· Underwear design

· Furniture design

· Architecture

· Music

· Artists

· Sports

· App developers

We support good ideas that have the potential to succeed as long as you have the passion and drive to make it happen.

How has being on The Crucible Project helped other students and graduates?

Crucible is a business start-up programme at offers students and alumni the opportunity to explore and research their business to ascertain if they are viable in the market place, past participants have received mentoring to help their businesses grow.

Crucible also offers some financial support to help prototype their product, service or business to get it ready to sell. Crucible offers office space along with the use of facilities such as full Adobe suites, laser cutters, photo and films equipment, large format printers and 3D printing.

Crucible has supported of 70 businesses in the past four years some of those have gone to great things from getting a one-man show at the Saatchi gallery to becoming designer of the year at Asos to securing venture capital of £150,000 as well helping those that are ready to exhibit at international trade shows.

Crucible is an incubator that supports not only the business but the person running the business, to ensure that both have the best possible option of success.

If you would like to apply for the forthcoming Crucible programme, please click here.

Posted on Wednesday 8th July 2020

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