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Coaching in the 'new normal' – why the time has come for a coaching approach


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Coaching in the ‘new normal’ – why the time has come for a coaching approach

A coaching style is the must-have for managers to help get the best out of their staff as they navigate the post-pandemic world of work.

That’s the view of business coach Alex Morgan, senior lecturer (corporate) at Leicester Castle Business School who believes this style of management leads to improved performance.

Instead of the hierarchical ‘command and control’ management style, a coaching approach is characterised by partnership and collaboration. This helps workers feel more involved which is more important than ever with so many of us working from home, says Alex.

She said: “As we’ve all been told repeatedly, these times are “unprecedented” and leaders need to help their teams work out what their company’s “new normal” is and work with it.

“With this highly uncertain backdrop business leaders are still expected to manage their teams, maintain or improve productivity, focus on their customers’ needs and create a sustainable future for their business. All this without a crystal ball!

“Adopting a coaching approach to leading teams enables business leaders to support others with clearer thinking, decision making and future planning, especially important during the uncertainty and complexity businesses will experience during next few months of returning to work after lockdown.”

As the programme leader for DMU’s Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Coaching, Alex has seen the benefits that coaching hasbrought to managers first-hand. The course also helps companies to implement a coaching culture within their business.

“Learning how to coach will give you an empathetic listening style and enable you to ask powerful, enabling questions. You will have more resources to lead others in times when no-one knows the answer. Coaching others, and being coached yourself, will help you find new motivation and purpose in these difficult times and will ensure you align that purpose with your business needs and desired outcomes.”

Would you like more details on learning a coaching style? You can find more details of DMU’s coaching course here or book a call with Alex on 0116 3664678.

Posted on Tuesday 28th July 2020

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