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DMU Graduates Secure Roles at Local Marketing Agency

Two former De Montfort University students have secured roles at an innovative Loughborough based marketing agency, Limelight Digital.  Anne-Marie Lees, who graduated with a degree in Media Production in 2016, joins fellow alumnus George Bates, who studied English Language & Media and Communication from 2010 to 2013 at the Leicestershire company.

Effusive about their decision to study at DMU, both graduates stated that the university was unquestionably their first choice, with George describing his course as “eye opening” about the possibilities of media.


George (left) with fellow DMU graduates.

A digital marketing agency that works to develop the online presence of start-ups and other small local businesses, Limelight Digital has helped many companies successfully rebrand.

The business has a reputation for hiring young people and has taken on a number of other DMU graduates over the past decade prior to rebranding 3 years ago.

Managing Director, Anthony Taylor, said: “Hiring local talent is important to the company and when we get a graduate from De Montfort University we know they are coming with a level of knowledge and determination that will serve them well here and contribute towards our company’s growth.”

“Our staff always talk glowingly of their time at DMU and how it helped shape them, not only as Digital Marketers, but as people.”

Both Anne-Marie and George credit the skills they developed at De Montfort with contributing to their post-graduation successes.

Discussing her experiences as a student, Anne-Marie described her best memories of studying:

“Attending BBC Wood Norton or the Broadway Cinema. These trips gave me a real feel for what it would be like working in a TV studio and it helped me decide that I didn't want to go down that line of media so started focusing my talents more to video editing and photography.”

“Attending the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham was incredible and interesting. Hearing from experts in the field about being a filmmaker fuelled my passion for what I was studying even more.”


Asked about their advice for graduates looking for a career in marketing, they had this to say:

“The landscape is changing so quickly so try and keep abreast of the latest news in marketing. My job didn't really exist 15 years ago and will look a whole different in another 15 years so what you're learning at University now will also look very different.“

“Try and stay ahead of the curve and you'll really impress potential employers.” George believes.

“There are so many different aspects of marketing so make sure you dip your toes in each of them until you find something which you are really passionate about.”

“You might have to move around a bit before you find your passion but don't give up hope. When you find it, you'll know. “

Posted on Wednesday 17th July 2019

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