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Sport Network

What is the DMU Sport Network?

The City of Leicester has an undeniable love of sport. With teams such as Leicester City, the Leicester Tigers, Leicester Riders and Leicester Ladies, sporting success is ingrained in our city’s DNA.

Working with DMUsport we understand the benefits of taking part in sport at university and are committed to ensuring participation levels at all levels of sport continue to rise. Through our world-leading postgraduate sports courses, we have alumni in the upper echelons of sporting governing bodies around the world who are committed to aiding the development of our students and recent graduates.

The DMU Sport Network will bring together students, alumni, friends of the university and the sporting community. The network will help develop the leadership skills of DMU students and recent graduates across the local, national and international sporting community.

With help from local and national sporting bodies, alumni, DMU staff, and industry leaders, we will use the ‘DMU Sport Network’ to provide professional support to recently graduated students so they can commit to a career in the industry.

The network will provide support at every level within the industry, and members will work together to promote continued leadership development. As the network grows, we plan to add industry events, discounts, and much more to continue to support our graduates globally. 

Why is this needed?

A recent study conducted by the British Colleges and University Sport found that graduates who took part in sport have a higher annual household income of up to £6,344 than those who did not. Those who took part in sport and undertook a volunteering activity related to sport had a further increase of up to £2,704 per year.

The same study found it was stated consistently by employers that “leadership positions, organisational roles and other positions of responsibility within sports clubs and societies were particularly beneficial in providing ‘added value’ for graduate employability.”

Within DMU we have thousands of students taking part in sport on a regular basis, and with our world-leading postgraduate sports courses we have alumni around the world in high-profile positions in sports governing bodies. However, historically we have not connected our successful alumni with those students volunteering their time within sport.

Your contributions make a real difference

"The DMU Sports Network will provide a fantastic gateway for our current sporting students to meet and learn from our incredibly successful alumni around the world. It will allow our students to develop the necessary leadership skills to ensure they are ‘workplace-ready’ once they graduate"

- Ty Watson, Head of Advancement

"As a current student, I am excited to become a member of the DMU Sport Network. I look forward to utilising the experience of those alumni involved in the network, and using the network to further develop my leadership and teamwork skills. I believe the network will be an invaluable tool for the students who access it"

- David Nurse, DMU Men’s Rugby Captain 18/19

"One of the best things I did to progress my career when I was a student was to attempt to connect with alumni who were already successful in their field. However doing this on my own was difficult to manage and tiring. I think access to an alumni network based on individual background and skills is a really useful tool for both established and new graduates"

- Anna Aldersley, DMU Rowing Alumni

 To find out more or join the network please email