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Pharmacy Network

What is the DMU Pharmacy Network?

Following the establishment of the Leicester School of Pharmacy in 1909, we have had a consistent stream of graduates who have gone on to be incredibly successful in their chosen field.

Thanks to the fantastic innovative work of staff such as Colin Gunn & Sidney Carter, the Leicester School of Pharmacy has gone from strength to strength and the DMU Pharmacy Network aims to be the innovation to continue its growth. 

The DMU Pharmacy Network will work with alumni and industry leaders to ensure that pharmacy students are supported, whether that be through funding, guest lectures by eminent pharmacists, or through rewarding distinguished students.

Through the DMU Pharmacy Network we will ensure that Pharmacy Students and the Pharmacy School within DMU are consistently provided with the support required to continue producing graduates of the highest quality. 

Your contributions make a real difference

"As a former Leicester student, I count it a great privilege to have been taught by such a superb teacher as Sidney Carter. His lectures were always carefully planned and structured to link in with our practical work so that key principles were reinforced. He had real presence, and his calm methodical manner in the microbiology laboratory instilled confidence in even the most anxious student"

- Arthur Williams OBE, DMU Alumni

"He will always be remembered for his pride in our profession, the high standards that he rightly required, the warmth of his friendship, and for the encouragement he gave to both academic and social activities. The success, enjoyment, and quality of life that we experienced at Leicester was in no small measure to his boundless energy and enthusiasm. I felt privileged to have known Cohn Gunn"

- Douglas Hancox, DMU Alumni

 To find out more or join the network please email