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Art Network

What is the DMU Art Network?

The DMU Art Network will bring together students, alumni, friends of the university, and the arts community.

A key issue for young artists is that once they graduate they do not have the financial nor technical resources required to be successful. The DMU Art Network would address this issue. The network will promote DMU aspiring artists across the local and national art community, and will offer continued support throughout their professional careers.

With help from local and national galleries, alumni, DMU staff, and experienced artists, we will use the ‘DMU Art Network’ to provide professional and personal support to recently graduated artists so they can commit to a career in the industry.

The network will support artists at every level and work together to promote the industry and the challenges it faces today. As the network develops, we plan to add industry events, discounts, and much more to continue to support artists globally. 

Why is this needed?

One of the biggest challenges facing the arts industry is the number of artists successfully transitioning from student to professional artist.

After speaking with a range of successful artists, the following issues were highlighted as barriers to entry:

  • Route to market
  • How to commercialise their artwork
  • Lack of art community support
  • Costs of materials to develop a portfolio
  • Access to work studios
  • Access to exhibition space

Your contributions make a real difference

"The School of Art is a centre of excellence that plays a vital role in the development of young artists. The DMU Art Network provides a continuing opportunity to keep in touch, to be part of a vibrant group and to give support to the future artists"

- Brendan Neiland, DMU Art Network Ambassador

"As artists graduate from university they face a host of challenges surviving and establishing themselves within the arts. A network that is able to signpost opportunity, support through access to national expertise, and build a community to share their experiences, will be an invaluable tool for the graduates lucky enough to be able to access it"

- Hugo Worthy, DMU Arts Curator

"One of the best things I’ve done for the progress of my career as an artist is to build a strong, reliable list of arts based contacts and connections. I think access to an alumni network list, based on a person’s background and interests, is a really strong tool to have for established and new artists"

- Jonjo Elliot, DMU Arts & Culture Project Co-Ordinator & Local Artist

To find out more or join the network please email