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Give back, stride forward

Donations to DMU’s fundraising priorities help to support scholarships, student projects and initiatives and contribute to our award winning Public Engagement programme.

When you make a donation to DMU, you make a tangible impact on the lives of others. You donation open doors to a brighter future for students and helps to develop graduates that are ready to make an impact on wider society.

Philanthropic support plays a vital role at DMU. The generous donations of our alumni, friends and supporters, have already changed the lives of hundreds of students through scholarships and bursaries, providing many unique and amazing DMU experiences.

With your help we can continue to support academically gifted students, those in financial difficulties, and those with innovative and creative ideas.

Whether they're large or small, every donation counts.

You can see how your support can help us to make a difference below or visit the Directorate of Social Impact and Engagement homepage to explore alternative ways of working with DMU.