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Gifted Beyond Their Years fund

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"Education is a human right, with an immense power to transform. On its foundation, rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development."
–Kofi Annan

The Gifted Beyond Their Years fund provides financial support to high achieving students who miss out on regular low-income financial support.

By supporting the Gifted Beyond their Years fund, you can have a tangible and lasting impact on the life of an individual who would not be able to attend university without additional financial support, or current students who are facing real hardship during their studies.

Scholarship: This provides scholarship opportunities for students of great potential, who would be unable to attend university without some additional financial support. Specifically these scholarships address the fact there are a significant number of students for whom existing student financial provision is inadequate to cover their circumstances, and who fall through the gaps when it comes to other additional student financial aid. Providing this support relieves some of the financial burden they face, allowing them to give their time, focus and energy on their education.

Bursary: A bursary allows you to provide much needed financial support for students who often fall through the gaps when it comes to student financial aid. At DMU we are keen to ensure that there is support available to those who need it, allowing them to focus on their education and relieving some of the financial burden they face.

Hardship Fund: Increasingly, the dramatically increased cost of living throws up financial challenges for our students that they could not have anticipated or planned for. In difficult times, students can access a hardship fund to help them with essential academic related costs: whether this is the cost of books, travel to/from campus, repairing a laptop or other emergency purchases. 


This fund offers the chance for you to have a tangible and lasting impact on the life of an individual facing real hardship, in the name of someone you love.

Vice-Chancellor Katie Normington
  1. How will my donation be used?

    All funds received would be allocated to the DMU Gifted Beyond Their Years (GBTY) Scholarship and Bursary Programme. A donor giving £9,000 or more will be able to have a GBTY Scholarship in their name or in the name of a loved one. This will enable a student to receive £3,000 per academic year of their undergraduate programme to assist them with them with their living costs and allow them to focus on their studies.

    Smaller donations will be pooled together to provide DMU Gifted Beyond Their Years Hardship bursaries, which will provide proportionately smaller sums of assistance to students.

  2. What are the benefits to the recipient?

    Your donation will provide critical financial support for those students who would otherwise not have the means to attend university. The fund will benefit students from low income and disadvantaged backgrounds. They are likely to be the first in their family to attend university and the opportunity to undertake higher education will impact not just the students but also their families and communities, and much wider when they leave university and enter society as graduates.

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