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In 2009, the Loving Community Centre was founded, in the heart of a community inadvertently bought together by the disease leprosy. The community centre that our Square Mile India project is supporting provides the following services to over 150 people:

  • Free Dinner programme for some of the most needy in the community;
  • Workshops and educational programmes;
  • Hosts community wide meetings;
  • Lighted area for children to play and study;
  • Indoor shelter for residents whose homes are prone to flooding during monsoon season.

Through fear and rejection from their native villages, the families settled together as communities through fear of endangering the healthy population over 40 years ago.

Currently, there are over 430 residents in the community, 40 of which are formers sufferers of Leprosy who have received medical treatment, and as a result are no longer contagious and the disease has stopped spreading. The community is located only a 20-minute drive from the Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, where our initial Square Mile India initiative has, and continues to, have a real impact on the community.

Needs of the Community

Due to the community being situated at the bottom of a hill, houses are prone to flooding during the monsoon season. Many people have to leave their homes as they become inhabitable. Long term, they hope to raise the whole community, improve the sanitation and water supply – which becomes ineffective every time the monsoon comes. This is the largest physical need that the community is faced with. Other needs of the community are based on the stigma they still experience, due to the disease.

We urgently need your help

In the short term – before this year’s monsoon arrives, DMU is in the process of renovating the two houses that suffer from the worst flooding every year. DMU Architecture students and a construction team are helping to raise the two houses above the monsoon flood levels, meaning the residents can stay in their own homes this monsoon season.

Your support

Donations from staff, students, alumni and friends of the University have enabled us to provide the funds to make life changing renovations to the first two houses.

However, we still need your help. Our Architecture students are now designing the next houses for development. To turn these designs into reality, and make a real difference to the lives of more families, we urgently need to raise a further £20,000.

Any support you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Please give generously.

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