Adam Redfern Memorial Scholarship

The Adam Redfern Memorial Scholarship Fund has been established to support final year students with a flair for media, journalism and sport at DMU, giving them the opportunity to make the most out of their time here before they go on to fulfil their career ambitions.

The scholarship fund is in memory of much-loved DMU colleague, Journalism alumnus and fitness enthusiast, Adam Redfern, who died suddenly of a heart attack while out jogging in March 2021, aged 28.

Adam was described as “the best of DMU in one person”. During his time as an undergraduate, whilst still achieving a 1st, he immersed himself in student life. He was involved heavily with Demon Media (he became Editor of The Demon & presented sports output on Demon FM). He engaged regularly with the University’s partners, Leicester City F.C. & Leicester Tigers and was instrumental in encouraging a number of his fellow students to sign-up for Demon Media. Adam also represented DMU Men’s Football Club throughout his time as an undergraduate.

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