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Alumni Trip to Ghana

Background Information:

The African Caribbean Society and the Ghanaian Society currently work with L1fechoices, a company set up by students on their #DMUGlobal trip last year, which continues to raise money to help three non-profit organisations in Ghana.

Four of the students who helped set up this company have since graduated and have shown an interest in continuing the good work they started.

The DMUforlife team, alongside the DSU, are supporting these four alumni in returning to Ghana this June, not only to continue their benevolent work but also to grow the Ghanaian alumni network and establish the Ghana Alumni Club.

The Projects: The DMU societies raise funds, volunteer as coordinators, and prepare various educational workshops for all organisations. Last year, roughly £1800 was raised for all three organisations.

St Michaels Vocational School - Is a vocational school set up to help disadvantaged young women and give them employable skills to earn a living, who would otherwise would have been left to fend for themselves in society. 

Positive Chain Reactions (PCR) - provide literacy and numeracy education to young children in poor communities. 

Hopesetters Autism Centre - A centre for autistic young children who use the back of another vocational school in Tema. The location is not great for them and at times, the lack resources to support the children effectively.

Alumni in Ghana: We would like to show alumni in Ghana the incredible work being done by DMU students and alumni, and how they are positively influencing the community. 

We will be hosting an event on Saturday 15th June at the Oak Plaza Hotel, Accra from 5pm, with mini showcases from students, alumni, and staff presenting their work with the charities as well as talking of their journey after DMU. There will be time for a few roundtables and then it will open up to some informal networking and drinks.

If you are currently living in Ghana and would like to be involved, you can register your attendance here.

Support:Whether alumni or not, you can help us to make an even bigger impact this year by donating here.

Ghana Event


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