Derby Club Lead - Danielle Mawdesley

Name:  Danielle Mawdesley


Course: Fashion Design

Company: Primark

Position: Supervisor

Interests: Creating, designing, socialising

Contact Details:



When did you graduate? 2018

Were you a part of any societies? No.

What are your best memories of DMU? Late nights in the library with my friends, slogging it out till the end and finding out all my work had paid off and I had made it to London graduate fashion week.

What are you doing now? Looking to further my career and taking all opportunities to learn and grow.

Why did you decide to become a Club Lead? DMU did a lot for me, and I’d love to give something back, and I think it’s so important to connect to others, it’s amazing what opportunities you can find.

What do you like about the Global Alumni Network? It’s a chance to take advantage of a common denominator we all share, and be able to give someone else the helping hand or advise you would hope for in your own life. It’s a way to connect with others, make new friends, and share our knowledge of the world to others.


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