What is a De Montfort University Club?

DMU Alumni Clubs allow alumni to meet in their locality, connect with each other, friends, students and staff, and enhance the overall post-university experience. Each club is unique and differs from the others, but they all share the common interest of bringing alumni together and supporting DMUs global community.

How do they work?

Alumni Clubs are formed by local alumni across the world with support from the DMU Advancement Team.  Each club has between one and three alumni as the Club Leads. These alumni act as local partners working with us to find suitable venues, dates and times, and acting as a point of contact for other alumni in the area. The format of each event can vary from a social drinks reception, to a professional event or workshop with keynote speakers depending on the consensus of the club members.

How often do they meet?

Although events are organised around availability by local club leads, our guidelines suggest that clubs run at least two events annually.  Members are also invited to attend club meetings that take place every year during the Alumni Forum Week in July.

How do I join?

Our vision is to ensure that wherever in the world you go, you’ll always be able to connect with others who’ve shared the great experiences on offer at DMU.  Help us make that aim a reality by joining an existing club or find out more about how we can support you to establish a new one. You can find a list of region specific clubs by following the links below, or direct your enquiries to our Global Officer, Emma Heald



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