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Social and academic experiences and staying in touch with DMU prepared Novie for the next steps in life

Novie, a graduate from DMU in 1994, has been newly appointed as CEO for the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA). He has been given mandate by the Council of the Institute to make changes and improvements where required. He said “studying human relations, clients oriented, collaborations, people skills, strategies and more in the subject of Management Strategies at DMU helped me get this job.”

Novie who graduated in 1994 with a BA Hons Combined Studies in Accounting and Finance feels “excited with these new challenges that I'm taking up.”

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Whilst at DMU, Novie was selected by fellow Malaysians as President of the Malaysian Students Society (MSS) for the term 1992-1993. He joined social activities such as the Archery Club and took the opportunity to gain leadership skills. He said “being away from Malaysia thousands of miles away from my parents to study at DMU made me a stronger person and have a better personality, which have both helped in preparing for the next steps in my life.”            

From his experience at DMU, Novie has the following message to current students. He said “students need to be resilient and wanting to learn new things and embrace change for something better.” They need to equip themselves with a few skills such as Technical, Business, People and Leadership. “These skills are essential for you to prepare yourself and to take up the challenges in the real world. By having these attributes, you will be considered "almost perfect" and the kind of personality and staff the organization wants.” Additionally to have the right attitude as employers are also looking at the attitude of the graduates/potential candidates nowadays. He said “always have a Positive Mental Attitude, which will give assurance on the reflection of yourself and the positivity.”

When asked what the #DMUforlife offer will mean to him as an alumnus he said “#DMUforlife has a very deep meaning to me. It describes many things and the place that is important/holy/preferred that gives us the opportunity to have good education and also in preparing ourselves for our future. Make full use or grab what is available in the University for you to use and benefit out of them.”

Novie encourages other alumni and graduates to stay in touch with DMU after they graduate. He said “together we are stronger! Especially the networking that we have is wide as we are all over the places in this world.”

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