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Strengthening our global influence

We intend to:

  • Offer 100 per cent of our students - undergraduates and postgraduates - access to an international experience, doubling the scope of our previous commitment
  • Widen access to quality teaching and learning through a DMU Global Education Trust, providing learning opportunities in parts of the world we believe are most in need
  • Support the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals by establishing an infrastructure of seven Global Hubs of education that foster innovation and resilience
  • Provide25% of all our undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity of professional experiences with a distinct international element through #DMUworks
  • Build global partnerships based on a shared ethos in order to raise our international profile, with a target of increasing our income from transnational education activities by £5 million, and realise an ambition to open a new overseas base


Outstanding universities are those defined by global connectedness, a distinctive student experience exceeding the classroom boundaries, and an unwavering determination to promote and contribute to the public and global good. Our community of scholars and students, converging on campus from more than 140 countries, is testament today to our character and excellence.

In an increasingly competitive, occasionally uncooperative international arena exemplified by Brexit, we will continue to use the #LoveInternational campaign and our signature #DMUglobal and #DMUlocal projects to signal the value we place on remaining a university for the many.

#DMUglobal will continue to be our engine for internationalisation. The transformative initiative continues to be one of the largest international experience programmes in the UK and a critical reason for home and European Union (EU) students choosing DMU.

We intend to prepare our graduates for the global workplace by embedding #DMUglobal within all of our taught programmes, and by opening it to all of our undergraduate and postgraduate students; we want to send more than 20,000 DMU students overseas between 2018 and 2023. Every DMU student deserves the rewarding career that is right for them. A DMU degree will boost our students’ employment prospects, accelerate their awareness of the world and raise their aspirations. Our expertise-driven #DMUworks programme will deliver professional experiences with a distinct international element that enhances the ability of our students to thrive anywhere in the world.

The outstanding quality of our teaching, reflected by our TEF Gold status, has earned us the reputation of a university which empowers its students. Our TEF Gold status is an encouragement to step up and share globally our insight and ability to embed employability into the curriculum, and to encourage new ways towards teaching excellence. A DMU education seeks to build students and graduates confident in embracing lifelong engagement with global communities. We  will strengthen and draw strength from an international alumni network of mentors and ambassadors, sustaining and promoting our teaching, employability and research. We will develop seven Global Hubs for education and citizenship to showcase the breadth of our international activities.

Our global credentials, reaffirmed and strengthened by our leadership status in the UN’s #JoinTogether campaign, will help us form an international coalition of public, private and civic partners, in the name of delivering on the UN’s SDGs. We achieve more, and develop fresh aims and ambitions, by working in partnership. Partnering with organisations that share our ethos, and our commitment to widening participation, quality education, growth, development, and making a difference, will help us achieve our goals.

Key performance targets

  • Proportion of students offered a #DMUglobal opportunity
  • Proportion of students offered the opportunity of a professional experience with a distinct international element
  • Income and wider value derived from our global partnerships (including the EU)

Key performance indicators

  • Number and diversity of students taking part in the #DMUglobal programme
  • Number of participants in overseas and UK-based international #DMUworks experiences
  • Year-on-year increase in number, geographical reach and range of global partnerships
  • Year-on-year increase in number of international and EU student enrolments