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Enhancing our effectiveness through our diverse and vibrant university community

We intend to:

  • Be a beacon for diversity, inclusion and equality, achieving Race Equality Charter Silver and incrementally reducing our gender pay gap.
  • Build leadership, increasing the number of staff completing the DMU:Leader programme by 30 per cent
  • Deliver outstanding financial performance, with an operating surplus and Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation (EBITDA) margin inthe top 25 per cent of peers
  • Secure sector-leading annual recruitment, achieving at a minimum top 10 most popular, as evidenced by Universities and Colleges Admissions Service(UCAS) and Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) data
  • Create a stimulating, accessible and award-winning environment for our students and staff by investing a further £85 million in our campus, over the next five years


Our success by 2023 will be delivered by our people. We operate in a dynamic environment in which the post 18 review may bring new challenges requiring us to change and respond quickly. Our approach will continue to be shaped by our academic and social ambitions, whatever is on the horizon. Our university will always be an inclusive, open and vibrant community where ideas are shared and debated openly.

We will develop and empower leaders at all levels, to raise university performance and enable delivery of our strategic ambitions, and to improve the student experience and employability. Through strengthened leadership we will enable effective change, decision making, and support the delivery of excellent teaching, learning and research. We will also develop first-line managers, including the delivery of management apprenticeships. We will offer a range of development opportunities for all staff to build capability and sustainable organisation-wide improvement.

To  be successful we will know how we are performing and take action to improve where needed. Leaders will manage for performance using accessible, dynamic data and analysis to streamline understanding and decision making.

Our university community will provide opportunities for people to share their views and ideas, and stimulate freedom of thought and expression. Building on DMUfreedom, we will continue to grow a culture based on mutual respect and understanding, as well as freedom of thought and expression, embracing, celebrating and expanding the diversity of our people.

DMU welcomes students and staff from across the world and a priority is ensuring that we effectively communicate our values, so that they reach a global community. We will talk and listen to prospective students, encouraging each to be a part of DMU. Our core admission principle is to widen access to our university and we are committed to offering the opportunity to our students to reach their full potential, adapting our approach to teaching and learning to meet the diversity of our recruitment.

We will identify opportunities and risks, and plan for the future by ensuring resource is financially sustainable and focused on activity that adds value to our mission, enabling success in a changing world. We will be transparent in how DMU achieves value for money for our students. Our systems and processes will continue to be streamlined and improved with a firm focus on our users, on reducing bureaucracy, and on automating wherever it enhances effectiveness.

To support all of our ambitions, we intend to invest to create a first-class physical campus environment that encourages an atmosphere of innovation, inspiration and community, one with outstanding facilities. This will include flexible and adaptable teaching and learning spaces that respond to students’ needs. A campus that is vibrant, friendly, safe 24/7 and incorporates sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies will help us fulfil our ambition to become ‘the city’s university’.

Key performance targets

  • Incrementally reducethe gender pay gap
  • Achieve the RaceEquality CharterSilver award
  • Achieve a minimum surplusof 2.5 percent and EBITDAmargin of 14 per cent
  • Be as a minimum top 10most popular, as evidenced byUCAS and HESA data
  • Meet or exceed benchmarksfor student recruitment fromcommunities traditionallyunder-represented in HE

Key performance indicators

  • Proportion of staff engaged inleadership development
  • Continuous improvement in HigherEducation Institution (HEI) equalitycharter marks
  • Staff new to teaching will complete thePG Cert L&T in HE within two years ofjoining DMU
  • All academic staff to have the opportunityto obtain the PG Cert T&L in HE and HEAFellowship from September 2018
  • By 2019, the proportion of staff who statetheir appraisal was ‘useful’, in the staffsurvey, will improve by five per cent