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Choosing our next Chancellor

DMU is seeking nominations for its next Chancellor.

Nominations are welcome from across the university community – including students, staff, alumni, and key friends and partners.

A Search Committee of governors, including staff and student representatives, will consider the feedback from the consultation process, including nominations put forward, and make a recommendation for appointment to the full Board of Governors.

Making your nomination

You can put forward your nomination for DMU’s next Chancellor using the online form below. The closing date for nominations is Wednesday 31 March 2021.

The Board of Governors is committed to equality and diversity and the need to reflect the diversity of both its student body and the city in which it thrives. Nominations are therefore welcomed from all sections of the community, including groups that experience under representation in our society.

The successful candidate will have no actual or perceived conflict of interest relating to the work of the university and will be required to adhere to the university’s Code of Conduct for Staff and Governors, and the Nolan Principles of Public Life. 

The role of Chancellor

The Chancellor serves as the ceremonial head of the university and plays an important ambassadorial role. They will act as an advocate for DMU, helping to raise its profile and advance its interests nationally and, where possible, internationally. In addition to presiding over graduation ceremonies, the Chancellor engages in other public-facing activities, when required.

The Chancellor is appointed by the Board of Governors and will serve for an initial term of four years starting from the date of the role holder’s formal investiture, and is renewable by the board for a further term of four years.

Key duties and person specification

The Search Committee of governors has identified the following key duties and person specification for the role of Chancellor.

Key duties of the Chancellor

  • To preside over the university’s graduation ceremonies, which are held twice-yearly in the winter and the summer. The Chancellor will be expected to preside over a majority of these ceremonies (on average, there are 12 days of ceremonies per year, so a majority would equate to at least seven days per year).
  • To engage in ambassadorial duties on behalf of the university, including the promotion of the achievements of its students and staff, and the enhancement of its profile nationally and, where possible, internationally. 
  • To participate in a number of the university’s public-facing activities, including development and alumni relations events, where appropriate. 
  • The role of Chancellor is an honorary role which is not remunerated but for which reasonable travel and subsistence expenses are paid.

Person specification

Candidates must: 

  1. have a positive public profile that resonates with the values and aspirations of the student body;
  2. be personally aligned with the vision, mission and values of the university, in particular its commitment to the public good and transformational scholarship;
  3. be able to exert influence in areas relevant to the university’s vision, mission and values;
  4. be positioned to engage with university students, staff, and external stakeholders to support and spearhead appropriate academic, research, and strategic initiatives;
  5. have, or be developing, a significant national profile, with connections to the wider international community;
  6. have demonstrated excellence in his/her field of endeavour and command the respect of the university’s communities;
  7. be able to assist the university with its development and alumni activities, including graduate opportunities and fundraising;
  8. have strong public speaking skills, able to play a key role in presiding over, and delivering public addresses at, the university’s graduation ceremonies;
  9. be willing to abide by the university’s ‘Code of Conduct for Staff and Governors at DMU’, and to adhere to the Nolan Principles of Public Life. 

NB. The Chancellor can not be a member of the Board of Governors, an enrolled student of the university or a member of staff of the university.

Nomination form

Please use this form to nominate an individual to serve as the university’s Chancellor.

  • Are you
  • Your nomination will be treated anonymously. The above information will be used only to enable the Search Committee to analyse any themes in the nominations made by particular groups and to gauge engagement in the process.

Important information

Until a public announcement is made, strict confidentiality must be observed in regard to this process. Please do not tell the individual that you are intending to nominate them for the role or that you have nominated them.  

It is anticipated that a number of nominations will be made and it will not therefore be possible for the Search Committee to provide individual feedback on each one. 

Further information

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please contact Sam Weston, Secretary/Clerk to the Board of Governors ( in the first instance.