Environmental Champions

DMU has a network of Environmental Champions across its faculties and departments which help to communicate information to staff about current environmental campaigns and promotions. The role of the champions is also to encourage colleagues to adopt ‘greener’ habits in the workplace.

Why do we need a network of Environmental Champions?

Like all large organisations, DMU has a significant impact on the environment, through the energy we use, the waste we produce, the products we buy and the way in which we travel.

Although we have implemented a number of projects and initiatives on these issues we still need to raise awareness amongst our students, staff and visitors. The DMU Environmental Champions have a key role to play in this important area. The champions will be instrumental in encouraging others to change the way they interact with the environment.

How does the network work?

Currently there is an Environmental Champion in each faculty and department of the University. The network helps to disseminate information on current environmental projects and initiative and information on how staff can get involved. The champions also encourage colleagues to adopt greener habits in their workplace such as recycling more, reducing waste, saving energy, greener transport and sustainable procurement.

Who are the Environmental Champions?

The list below shows the Environmental Champions across the different departments and faculties of DMU. Please let him/her know of any environmental concerns you may have in your department or faculty. Or for further information about the Environmental Champions please contact Karl Letten, Environmental and Sustainability Officer (kletten@dmu.ac.uk).


Who are the Environmental Champions?
Faculty/department/buildingEnvironmental ChampionExt

Art, Design and Humanities


Gavin Kew 8401
Business and Law Tracey Lee-Adams 6292
Technology Samantha Stokes 7087
Corporate Affairs Alex Erdlenbruch 7685
Health and Life Sciences Vacant 7103
IESD Muhammad Mazhar  
IOCT Vacant  
People and Organisational Development David Rose 8901
Innovation Centre Vacant  
ITMS Pete Norman 7019
Library Services Vacant 8866
Estates Development Building Karl Letten 8746
Estates Services Building TBC


Marketing and Communicaitons Ross Tarbard 6244
Press and Public Relations Vacant  
Finance and Procurement Beverley Russell 8513
Strategic Planning Services Aaron Morrison 8661
Student and Academic Services Steve Briggs
Judith Baker
Sally Lloyd