Sustainability research is going on across the university, not just within the IESD. We are committed to developing and embedding groundbreaking and interdisciplinary research that advances knowledge on sustainability.

Nettle Dress

We are using nettles, flax and hemp as an environmentally friendly alternative to cotton. The Textiles Engineering and Materials project worked alongside our fashion design courses to create a dress made from nettle fibres that was featured on the BBC's One Show.

Saving lives in Ghana

Professor Parneet Paul has created sustainable water treatment systems, which are helping thousands of people in Ghana get access to clean water.

Managing energy consumption

We are studying how people manage their energy consumption at home. Our work in partnership with E.ON has developed a new smart meter for home use.

Retail Lab

Is a new research and development facility that aims to develop insight into sustainable and resource efficient retail design. We place the consumer at the heart of research into the most resource efficient retail spaces, allowing companies to test out new concepts before they apply them to their business. 

Reducing carbon emissions at airports

Air travel is one of the most carbon-heavy ways of travelling and the IESD is helping a number of airports reduce their emissions, with the ultimate aim of being carbon-neutral by 2050.