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Undergraduate and Postgraduate Application Forms

The online application forms are divided according to undergraduate and postgraduate study and then into the following parts:

  • Part One: UG or PG study programme and module options. You will need to select the correct level of study (UG or PG) so you can access the programmes and/ or module(s) you wish to study. You may only apply for one programme at a time unless you are opting to undertake the return to study module.
  • Part Two: Personal Information (all applicants must fully complete part two)
    • Section One: Personal Details (name; gender; date of birth)
    • Section Two: Contact Details (home address; term time address; telephone number; email address)
    • Section Three: Further Information (council tax; place of residence; nationality; ethnicity; disability; national insurance number (UK only); Nursing/ HCPC Pin number; emergency contact details
    • Section Four: Employer and Funding information (name and contact details).
  • Part Three: Data Protection and Student Declaration
  • Part Four: Supporting Information. Please read our guidance notes to complete the additional supporting information required, as this is an essential part of your application process.

There are two online application forms one for undergraduate modules/ programmes and one for postgraduate modules/ programmes. When applying for LBR programmes and modules please ensure that you use the correct form for your studies.

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