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TitleModule CodeCreditsArea
Patient Safety and Human factors in Health CarePCPH (5010)30Nursing
Perioperative and Surgical PracticePCPH (5008)30Nursing
Principles of Care of the Acutely Ill Adult in the Critical Care EnvironmentPCPH (5012)30Nursing
The Principles of Practical Assessment in Health Care PracticePCPH (5035)15Nursing
Professionalism and Accountability in Clinical PracticePCPH (5034)15Nursing
Recognising and Caring for the Comprised WomanPRUM (3303)30Midwifery
Recognising and Responding to Acute Physical Deterioration in AdultsPCPH (5013)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Research Designs in HealthHEST (5001)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Research Dilemmas and StrategiesHEST (5005)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Research methods for health professionalsSPEC (5610)15Nursing
Safeguarding Vulnerable Children and Adults Level 7PCPH (5042)15Nursing
Service Development Project (Dissertation)PCPH (5041)60Nursing
Service Improvement in Cancer Care (Macmillan)PCPH (5540)30Nursing
Stoma Care (SALT)PCPH (5020)30Nursing
Surgical First Assistant (Nuffield)PCPH (5407)30Nursing
Surgical First Assistant (Spire)PCPH (5307)30Nursing
Theory Knowledge and Reasoning in Professional PracticeMPHE (5201)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Therapeutic Interventions for Children and Young PeopleSCPH (5102)15Nursing
Using Evidence to Advance and Develop Nursing PracticeSCPH (5003)15Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Utilising evidence to advance and develop nursing practiceSCPH (5003)15Nursing
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