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TitleModule CodeCreditsArea
Enhancing Palliative Care through Independent StudyMPHE (5312)30Allied Health Professionals
Fundamentals of AnaesthesiaPCPH (5017)30Nursing
Gastroenterology and HepatologyPCPH (5019)30Nursing
Health Policy and StrategyHEST (5003)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Immediate post anaesthetic and recovery practicePCPH (5151)30Nursing
Independent Study - Advanced PracticeMPHE (5204)15Nursing
Independent StudyPCPH (5203)30Nursing
Independent Study in Palliative careMPHE (5311)15Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Innovative approaches to health promotionSCPH (5100)15Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Introduction to Advanced Clinical PracticeMPHE (5208)45Allied Health Professionals,Nursing
Introduction to Contraception and sexual healthPCPH (5001)15Nursing
Introduction to Practice NursingPNUR (5000)60Nursing
Making Sense of Quantitative and Qualitative DataHEST (5016)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Minor Illness ManagementPCPH (5004)15Nursing
Minor Injuries ManagementPCPH (5006)30Nursing
Neonatal and Infant Physical Examination (NIPE)PCPH (5027)30Nursing
Neonatal Intensive CarePCPH (5026)30Midwifery,Nursing
Neonatal Special and High Dependency CarePCPH (5025)30Nursing
Newborn Infant and Physical ExaminationPCPH (5027)30Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Organisational Change and DevelopmentPCPH (5040)15Nursing
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