Quality management and policy

DMU policies and regulations

DMU prides itself on maintaining high levels of academic and procedural integrity by upholding strict policies and regulations. 

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Quality and distinctiveness

As an educator, an employer and a member of the community in which we are based, De Montfort University (DMU) takes its responsibilities very seriously.

As such, DMU is governed by policies, guidelines and procedures that aim to maintain the quality of our operations and also to make certain we treat students, staff and members of the public as fairly as possible.

Equality, appeals processes, freedom of speech and data management are just some of the subjects that are covered, but there are many other areas that are just as vital to our
day-to-day business.

The university employs mechanisms and strategies for ensuring the appropriate management of academic quality and standards, promoting good practice and enhancing the student experience.

You can read more about academic quality management activities such as external examining, programme approval monitoring and review, and student feedback, including how the quality and standards of collaborative provision is managed.

We must also prepare for circumstances that are beyond our control, events that could interfere with the running of the university.


Our business continuity procedures and crisis management guidelines are aimed at ensuring a minimum of disruption to staff and students in such situations.

The university is funded by a number of different sources, but also generates income through a variety of ventures. We publish a financial statement each year so that you can learn more about the financial operations of DMU.

As a large institution, the university also appreciates that it has responsibilities to the wider world and the environment, which is why we encourage staff to use sustainable transport for their journeys to work.

We also work very hard to reduce the amount of waste we generate and to limit the energy that we use to power our buildings.

You can read more about our efforts in these areas in our energy, waste management and car parking policies

Information Security policies