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Anti-fraud policy

To ensure resources are used for their intended purpose of providing higher education, it is essential that losses due to fraud and corruption are minimised. This anti-fraud policy outlines the university’s commitment to creating an anti-fraud culture.

Risk management

The risk management document sets out the policy and framework that DMU operates in order to ensure compliance with the HEFCE Accounts Direction.

Slavery and Human Trafficking

Read our Slavery and Human Trafficking statement.

Fee status policy

Regulations Governing Assessment of Status for Fees Purposes 

Information for applicants

At DMU, fee status is determined by the admissions team in the faculty to which you apply, in accordance with the Education (Fees and Awards) (England) Regulations 2007 and the Student Fees (Qualifying Courses and Persons) (England) Regulations 2007, as amended. 

The current version of these regulations is shown in the UKCISA (United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs) guidance notes at the following weblink: ‘Tuition fees: will I pay the ‘home’ or ‘overseas’ rate?'. 

All DMU students who meet the requirements for ‘home’ or ‘EU’ status will be charged at the current rate for home students. If you do not fit into one of the categories, the university will lawfully charge you at the ‘overseas’ rate of tuition fee.

Discretion is not exercised for any individual correctly assessed as ‘overseas’ who is unable or unwilling to pay the overseas fee. We do not exercise discretion for asylum seekers. Discretion may be exercised for certain discrete groups of applicants or students, e.g. the children of Ghurkhas who have served in the British Armed services and who have been posted in the UK for the three years prior to the start of the course.

It is your responsibility to satisfy the university that you are able to meet the criteria of one of the categories to be classified as a ‘home’ student.

No decision can be made with regard to fee status until we have received a formal application from you.  If we cannot determine your status from your application form alone, it may be necessary to send a fees status questionnaire for you to complete. If you do not return the questionnaire, we will default your status to ‘overseas’.

 If, once you have received an offer, or after enrolment, you believe you may have been assessed incorrectly for fee-paying purposes, you should contact a member of admissions staff in the appropriate faculty to request a fee status questionnaire (if you have not previously completed one) and return it to us with full evidence to support your request for a review, either via post, email, fax or in person. 

Please ensure that all appropriate sections of the questionnaire have been completed in full, and that copies of any supporting documentation are included.

Information for students

You should note that once you are an enrolled student, an adjustment to fee status can only be made where it can be shown that an error had been made in the initial assessment, or if adjustment is required under the regulations, e.g. your country has joined the EU. Please contact your faculty in these circumstances.