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Programme approval: validation and revalidation

Validation is the process through which the university establishes that a new programme is academically viable, that academic standards have been appropriately defined, and that all students are offered the best opportunity to learn. It is about assuring quality, promoting best practice, and adding value by enhancing the quality of the new programme. Revalidation, which ensures continued fitness for purpose, is only required where programmes have undergone significant change or to comply with external body requirements.


Prior to validation taking place a new programme proposal must receive faculty and university support as outlined in the guide to validation. Completion of the programme proposal form is required to provide these committees with suitable levels of information to make a decision about the proposal. Once this approval is given, a validation event is convened by the faculty Associate Professor (Quality) for devolved provision and by Educational Partnerships (UK) or Global Partnerships Unit (International) for non-devolved provision. Queries about validation should be directed to these individuals/areas in the first instance, or contact Rebecca Thirlby.

Following on from the Government's response to COVID-19 and the requirement for remote working, it has become necessary to create a 'virtual validation' process that faculties can use to validate/re-validate programmes during the current academic session.  Please see the process flowchart for further details and contact your faculty Associate Dean (Academic) or Rebecca Thirlby if you have any questions.

Occasionally a new programme needs to be developed at speed to meet the needs of employers or university/faculty strategy. In such cases, the committee stage of the approval process may be superseded by the completion of a fast-track request form. Please contact your faculty Associate Dean (Academic) to discuss this in the first instance.


Revalidation is the process whereby a programme is revisited during a formal revalidation event to ensure its continued fitness for purpose. Revalidation is not necessary for most programmes as the university operates robust annual and periodic review processes. However, revalidation will take place where there is Professional Statutory or Regulatory Body (PSRB) accreditation or significant changes are being made to a programme. Please see section on making modifications to programmes and modules for guidance on when changes will necessitate a revalidation event.

For further information, please contact Rebecca Thirlby

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