Programme approval and management

De Montfort University (DMU) devolves responsibility for the approval of most taught provision to faculties, meaning that they take responsibility for the validation of new programmes and the modification of existing ones. Devolved provision normally means programmes delivered by DMU staff on campus, in a clinical or corporate setting, or by distance learning.

Devolved provision is managed within procedures defined by the Department of Academic Quality (DAQ). DAQ maintains oversight of changes to devolved provision by monitoring and supporting programme validation and curriculum modification.

Responsibility for the approval of non-devolved (collaborative) provision is managed by Educational Partnerships (EP) for UK partners and the Global Partnerships Unit (GPU) for international partners. Non-devolved provision refers to situations in which partner institutions deliver or support an element of, or an entire, DMU programme. Responsibility for the modification of non-devolved provision lies with the owning faculty or with EP for Validation Service provision.

For further information on all aspects of programme approval and management, please contact Victoria Pooley.

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This section provides information on the validation and revalidation of programmes, the process for modifying programme and modules, and how to suspend intake to, or close, a programme. Click on the left hand side navigation menu to access the content in this section. There are also quick start guides to programme and module specifications (course and module templates), curriculum modification and new programme approval (validation) available for reference.

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