Periodic review

Periodic review is the university's mechanism for evaluating programmes and subjects holistically, taking a view of the quality and standards of the provision, and allowing for external and independent confirmation. This secures the confidence of external agencies by providing evidence that the university can self-regulate. Benefits of the process also include enabling new approaches and current practices to be developed and enhanced, and for good practice to be recognised and disseminated. The periodic review focus has been refreshed to ensure greater emphasis on risk management and flexibility regarding the format and mode (virtual, blended, face to face) of review events. 

Periodic Review for postgraduate taught and undergraduate provision will be subject based. The following principles underpin the approach to periodic review:

  • The scope of each review must be such to enable appropriate level of scrutiny and consideration
  • Faculty based collaborative provision will be included within faculty periodic review events. University Wide Learning (UWL) provision will have its own separate periodic reviews.
  • Review groupings will be determined based on what it is reasonable for a panel to consider.
  • Faculties and Educational Partnerships will continue to be responsible for fees and travel expenses for external panel members, catering etc
  • There will be a risk-based approach to review

Periodic review for postgraduate research (PGR) provision will be reviewed as a separate entity and this is to:

  • Enable an appropriate level of scrutiny and ensure that any issues or good practice are fully explored
  • Enable an appropriate level of scrutiny
  • Provide an institutional perspective


To note that PGR provision will be referenced in subject review to ensure institutional perspective and context.  


The guide to periodic review 2021-22 will be made available shortly.

For further information regarding periodic review, please contact your faculty Associate Professor, Quality or Rebecca Thirlby.

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