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Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)

PSRBs are external bodies which formally accredit, approve and recognise university programmes, setting standards for and regulating entry into particular professions. Such involvement from PSRBs forms part of the many ways the university ensures that professional standards and quality are maintained, and that students gain the skills and knowledge required by employers. Programmes are normally accredited for a specified period of time, with PSRBs returning to review and re-accredit for a further period.

De Montfort University (DMU) has an established track record of good management of PSRB links, with responsibility devolved to faculties. The university’s Academic Quality Committee (AQC) is responsible for strategic oversight of the process. PSRB reports are utilised in the university’s academic quality management processes such as periodic review, programme monitoring, validation and revalidation.

Different types of PSRBs

Professional bodies accredit programmes to enable graduates to become members of organisations which provide formal recognition of their professional status. These are mostly a form of kite mark or quality mark looked for by employers.

Statutory bodies with a regulatory function require graduates to reach specific standards in order to register and enter a particular profession. Often these set standards for education, training, conduct and performance, ensuring skills and knowledge is up-to-date to uphold professional standards.

Additionally, some bodies accredit programmes as suitable for preparing graduates, but are not professional bodies and have no membership or regulation. These mostly set standards for education programmes, and accredit against those standards.

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Responsibility for PSRB relationships is devolved to faculties and the Associate Professor (Quality) can assist with queries. The Department of Academic Quality (DAQ) maintains central oversight of PSRBs via a register. Please contact Sophia Goddard for further information.

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