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Roles and responsibilities of the programme leader

Each programme within the university has a programme leader designated by the faculty. Programme leaders are ultimately responsible for academic leadership, management and assessment, for the programme they have been designated to lead on.

Working closely with the relative module leaders and the faculty Associate Dean (Academic), programme leaders are responsible for delivering the programme using appropriate teaching and learning and assessment methods, effecting any necessary modifications, communicating information to students. They ensure the effective planning, management and review of the programme, adhering to specified monitoring and evaluation procedures. Programme leaders are also responsible for taking forward any new programme proposals following due process and in accordance with faculty strategy.

In doing so, programme leaders should respond to feedback from students, external examiners, Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) and industry. They are required to ensure student representatives are allocated to the programme board, and that all students have access to a personal tutor. Programme leaders should therefore have good communication with colleagues across the university and collaborative partners (if applicable), and with external bodies and national organisations.

Full details about the programme leader role are provided in the university's regulations. Information about the roles and responsibilities of the module leader is available separately.

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