Faculty Associate Professors (Quality)

On behalf of the Pro Vice-Chancellor/Dean, the faculty Associate Professor (Quality) has responsibility for the implementation of changes arising from new university policy, for ensuring due processes are followed, and for raising issues at higher levels. Essentially, they are a 'watchdog' for instances where quality might become at risk, helping to identify and share best practice.

Specifically, the faculty Associate Professor (Quality) is responsible for the management of faculty quality assurance arrangements relating to programme development and validation, modification, and the continuous monitoring of subjects, programmes and modules. These arrangements include periodic review, module enhancement and student feedback, performance analysis at module and programme level.

They provide an important link between the faculty, central quality committees, and central departments such as the Department of Academic Quality (DAQ). Each faculty has a Faculty Academic Committee (FAC) that supports this role.

Full details of the responsibilities of the faculty Associate Professor (Quality) role are available.


Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities

Associate Professor (Quality)

Quality Administrator

Annette Crisp

Tel: (0116) 207 8793

Email: ACrisp@dmu.ac.uk

Sallyann Robinson

Tel: (0116) 250 6044

Email: sarobinson@dmu.ac.uk


Faculty of Business and Law

Associate Professor (Quality)

Quality Administrator

Alison Statham

Tel: (0116) 207 8784

Email: astatham@dmu.ac.uk

Claire Richardson

Tel: (0116) 257 7915

Email: claire.richardson@dmu.ac.uk


Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media  
Associate Professor (Quality) Quality Administrator

Christine Fidler

Tel: (0116) 257 7499

Email: cf@dmu.ac.uk

Kelly Eustace

Tel: (0116) 257 7261

Email: kelly.eustace@dmu.ac.uk


Faculty of Health and Life Sciences  
 Associate Professor (Quality)  Quality Administrator

Shona Green

Tel: (0116) 257 7289

Email: s.green@dmu.ac.uk

Sophia Welton

Tel: (0116) 207 8389

Email: swelton@dmu.ac.uk


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