Faculty Associate Deans (Academic)

Associate Deans (Academic) lead on strategic developments relating to all academic issues and learning and teaching matters.

The ADA leads on the management and development of all taught programmes within the faculty and is supported by the Associate Professors (Student Experience) when dealing with student matters.


Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities
Associate Dean (Academic)  PA/Administrator

Claire Orwin

Tel: (0116) 257 7553

Email: CNO@dmu.ac.uk

Mantana Fung

Tel: (0116) 257 7397

Email: mantana.fung@dmu.ac.uk


Faculty of Business and Law
Interim Dean (Academic)  PA/Administrator

Julia Cook

Tel: (0116) 250 6094

Email: jkcook@dmu.ac.uk

Debbie Costin (PA)

Tel: (0116) 257 7268

Email: debbie.costin@dmu.ac.uk


Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media
Associate Dean (Academic)  PA/Administrator

Zoe Allman

Tel: (0116) 207 8087

Email: zallman@dmu.ac.uk

Toni Naran (PA) 

Tel: (0116) 207 8470 

Email: tsn@dmu.ac.uk


Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Associate Dean (Academic)  PA/Administrator

Nicola Brooks

Tel: (0116) 201 3860

Email: nbrooks01@dmu.ac.uk

Lisa Juby

Tel: (0116) 257 7889

Email: ljuby@dmu.ac.uk


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