Academic quality committees

The Department of Academic Quality (DAQ) are responsible for managing the operation of the Academic Board sub-committees concerned with academic planning, learning and teaching, regulations and quality and standards. Find out more about each of these central committees below, along with an overview of faculty quality committees and some general committee servicing guidance.

DAQ committees
Faculty quality committees

DAQ committees

DAQ are responsible for managing and supporting the following key committees:

  • Academic Board
  • Academic Quality Committee (AQC)
  • External Examiner and Reviewer Appointments Committee (EERAC)
  • Taught Programmes Management Committee (TPMC)
  • University Learning and Teaching Committee (ULTC)

For more information about university committees, please visit the DMU Almanac webpages or contact the relevant servicing officer.

Faculty quality committees

The information and documents below provide useful reference points on the generic operation of quality committees within faculties.

Please contact Emma Sheffield for further details regarding the operation of the faculty quality committees.

Calendar for monitoring faculty wide activities – currently under development Provides guidance on how and when monitoring arrangements for pan-faculty procedures occurs in relation to the student experience and programmes of study.

Staff Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) operational guidance
Reminder to FACs of their responsibilities in relation to implementation of requirements for SSCCs.

Faculty Academic Committee (FAC)

The FAC is responsible to the Academic Board. The terms of reference are as follows:

  1. Considering issues of teaching and learning, student experience, academic direction, strategy and policy for the Faculty.

  2. Considering reports and recommendations on academic issues, policies and procedures from Academic Board and its standing committees.
    Making recommendations to these bodies and raising issues for debate.

  3. Monitoring, reviewing and considering modifications to the academic provision in accordance with University quality management processes.

  4. Referring issues or recommendations which have Faculty strategic, resource, planning or management implications to the Faculty Executive/Leadership Board. Considering matters referred to it by the Faculty Executive/Leadership Board.

  5. Commissioning work from its sub-committees, overseeing their work and considering reports and recommendations from them.

  6. By means of its Programme Management Boards/Subject Academic Committees, and Assessment Boards, monitoring and reviewing the academic provision and performance within the Faculty.

  7. Identifying and sharing good practice, promoting innovation for enhancement in learning, teaching and assessment.

The full standardised FAC Terms of Reference template can be found here 

Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee (FLTC)

The FLTC reports to the FAC on the ways in which the faculty is implementing university decisions regarding learning and teaching. The chair of the FLTC sits on the ULTC and the FAC and is also usually a member of their faculty executive.

Programme Management Board (PMB)

The PMB reports to the FAC on the development, planning, design and implementation of the academic subject; learning, teaching and assessment strategies; and quality assurance/assessment processes. It manages the relationships with relevant partner institutions, external examiners and students. 

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