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Assessment and Feedback Policy

The De Montfort University (DMU) Assessment and Feedback Policy ensures an equivalence of experience for all students, consistency of standards, and that students are treated equitably and with fairness. The university recognises the need to remain sensitive to subject specialist needs, subject benchmarks and professional and statutory body requirements.

Key principles

Assessment is both for learning and of learning. The purpose of the policy is to ensure assessment is used to develop students’ learning, and to ensure there is a consistency of standards.

All assessment should be:

  • Transparent: such that all parts of the assessment process are explicit and readily accessible
  • Equitable: so that all assessment is fair, taking account of learning requirements and actively removing barriers to achievement, and operates through consistent application of criteria
  • Valid: so that assessment is seen as integral to student learning and fit for purpose, particularly in relation to level, content and intended learning outcomes
  • Reliable: such that the judgements derived from assessment are accurate, verifiable, agreed and consistent, criterion-referenced and moderated
  • Just: so that there are effective mechanisms that deal with breaches of assessment regulations and can resolve appeals against assessment decisions
  • Enabling: so that all students have the best possible opportunity to demonstrate their learning to the best of their potential

For further information regarding learning, teaching and assessment at DMU, please see learning and teaching and Centre for Academic Innovation.

The Assessment and Feedback Policy is provided below alongside the learning and teaching glossary:

Note to staff: the supplement to the policy detailing feedback return time monitoring and the implementation template is available via your faculty Associate Professor (Quality).

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