Higher and degree apprenticeships

Higher and degree apprenticeships offer apprentices the opportunity to access higher level qualifications while in employment. They are relevant to the workplace, as apprenticeship standards are created by employers to develop specific skills required for the workplace. These are mapped against De Montfort University (DMU) programmes which ensure that the programme learning outcomes, content and assessment are tailored to support the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for the job.

The Department of Academic Quality (DAQ) is responsible for the internal quality assurance of apprenticeships and their associated academic programmes. These processes include the approval and validation of new apprenticeship programmes, modification of programmes and annual monitoring/periodic review processes.

Below is the related guidance for higher and degree apprenticeships.

The following external resources provide further information about managing quality in higher and degree apprenticeships:

Apprenticeships at levels 4 and 5 are subject to inspection by Ofsted.  From 01 April 2021 levels 6 and 7 apprenticeships are also subject to Ofsted inspection. Apprenticeship provision is subject to inspection by Ofsted.  Please see the following links for further information:

For queries about the internal quality assurance processes for apprenticeships please contact Daljit Kaur.

For queries about the approval of an apprenticeship in collaboration with a partner institution please contact Bobby Upple.  

For general queries about apprenticeships please contact Helen Cuthbert from the central apprenticeship team.

Higher and degree apprenticeships