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Department of Academic Quality

Improving the student experience

At DMU, improving the student experience is the key driver behind our approach to quality assurance and enhancement


Quality management at DMU

The De Montfort University (DMU) approach to quality management is about finding ways of enhancing the learning opportunities made available to students, as well as assuring quality and standards.

As this is best done at programme and module levels, where ownership starts, all teaching staff and student representatives have a role in assuring quality. At the heart of this is the academic quality policy, which:

  • Promotes enhancement and promulgate good practice
  • Assures the quality of learning opportunities and the standards of programmes and awards
  • Provides evidence of quality to stakeholders

The Department of Academic Quality (DAQ) leads centrally on quality management, which is implemented with the support of faculty Associate Professors (Quality). Additionally, the faculty Associate Deans (Academic) leads on strategic developments relating to all academic issues and learning and teaching matters.

Much of this activity is managed through key committees, implemented via guidance, policies and strategies. All students are covered, including those studying at our collaborative partners.

Department of Academic Quality (DAQ)

Find out more about the following areas of quality management:

A series of quick start guides for each of the above areas is available for quick reference. You can also access all of our guidance and forms collectively.

Guidance and forms
Guidance and forms

Access all of the academic quality guidance and forms

Roles and responsibilities
Roles and responsibilities

Find out what your role and responsibilities are in relation to quality management at DMU

Contact us
Contact us

Contact DAQ for professional guidance on all aspects of quality assurance and enhancement