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Security of property found

Security deal with the following:-

  • Found property handed in.
  • Reports from individuals of property lost.
  • Lost Property Form, on which losers of property can electronically send details to the Security Office.

Traditionally with every good intention, Faculties / Schools / Reception Desks / various others have been receiving; retaining and usually after holding for some considerable time, finally dispatch the property in bulk to Security with little or no reference to who; when; where found. However with well intentioned this raises the following concerns:-

  • Security have no means of checking this property against the book of reported loss to possibly identify owners as soon as possible.
  • Property is very often sent to Security in bulk, having been retained elsewhere in DMU for far too long to easily find owners.
  • Often this property is sensitive and open to allegations of misuse, for example bank cards, where sometime after loss by the owner, the card has been used. This is why Security immediately report the card to the appropriate bank.

Kevin Burrows, Head of Security is constantly striving to improve security systems within DMU and to this end seeks to have a safe and efficient method of dealing with Found Property.

As a Security Section we would like to suggest to anyone within DMU who, occasionally or regularly, accepts; retains or deals with Found Property, to:-

  • Reduce your burden of responsibility.
  • Eliminate any possibility of unfounded accusations of misuse of personal property.
  • Increase the chances of the 'Loser' and 'Property' being reunited much sooner.

By simply:

Not accepting any Found Property if possible. If you have no alternative, make sure the property is dispatched to Security as soon as possible, with full details of an itemised list of property, date and time found with name and contact details of finder.

Better still:

Persuade the finder to hand the property in personally to Security.

The Security Office is in the Estates Services Building. The contact number is 0116 257 7642 or extension 7642.

Thank you for your cooperation.