Lost Property

Each month the security department receives large amounts of lost property which are booked in and stored awaiting collection.

However many of these items are never claimed by their owners and end up being destroyed.

To assist and speed up the process of reuniting staff and students with their property the online form below enables people to submit details of their missing property.

The form is simple to use and requires a few basic details of the item concerned as well as contact details of the person submitting.

Once submitted the information will be checked in correspondence to the items stored. Should we find that we are in possession of property matching the description the person concerned will be contacted immediately by telephone or email.

If we are unable to locate the item concerned the department will retain the information supplied for a period of two months.

The personal data supplied to the university will be held safely by the university and only disclosed in compliance with the data protection act.

  • Security of Property Found

Please fill in the form below.

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