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Blackboard is a web-based virtual learning environment used at DMU to support your learning. Blackboard provides access to online learning materials from any computer with internet access. It enables you to continue your learning activities, collaborate and access resources away from the lecture room. 

We are currently now using Blackboard 9, which provides a more updated look and feel to its interface. 

Your lecturer will inform you if there is a Blackboard module for your course. Note that your Blackboard modules will not all be structured in the same way, this depends on how your lecturer structures the module.

Benefits of online learning

Enhance student-to-student and faculty-to-student communication

  • Lecturers are more accessible
  • Students share perspectives
  • Maximizes the ‘classroom experience’ – you can bring online discussions/thoughts into traditional learning environments

Providing 24/7 access to course materials

  • Module information and course materials are available for you to access both on and off campus

Enabling student-centered teaching approaches

  • Accommodates different learning styles

Provides opportunities for exploration by adding external websites for you to explore

  • Opportunity to perform online assessments/quizzes/tests

The advantages of online learning blended with traditional learning have proven to be of value in meeting the diverse needs of the student.

Blackboard Learning App

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