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Access to computers on campus

All students are automatically registered to use IT facilities when they first join the university.

More than 70 clusters of IT laboratories support student needs across the university through 1,800 workplaces.

Some of these focus on the particular needs of a faculty with large clusters for more general use located in campus libraries.

The central facilities on the campus are open 24 hours a day during term time.

All student systems are replaced and upgraded in a continuous improvement programme. 

Most computers based on campus are PCs with specialist Apple Mac facilities for areas such as art and design and music technology.

Word processing, spreadsheet software and access to the local network, the internet and campus email is provided on all machines together with specialist software to support individual programmes.

Technicians trained to support these specialist packages deliver services in the faculty IT spaces  

In addition to the fixed IT laboratories, laptop machines are used in classes and can be connected to services for private study through the campus wireless network. 

The PCs purchased for student and staff use are designed to use less power than traditional models, reducing their environmental impact.

De Montfort University has been used as a case study in good practice for delivering quality of service while reducing the use of electricity.

Systems are disposed of in ways that meet the latest European standards for reducing environmental impact.