IT policies of use and regulations

To make sure that you are able to receive a continuous and reliable service we expect that anybody using a DMU hardware device, DMU software or a connection through a DMU network follows our conditions of use.

The full regulations governing IT use at DMU are currently (April 2011) under review and being re-written as a part of the recent integration of IT and media services across the university. If you have any queries or issues relating to this in the meantime please contact the ITMS Service desk in the first instance.

The following general conditions and guidelines apply:

  1. Keep your passwords safe. Any username and password given to you by DMU is for your use only. Do not reveal your details to anybody else and do not try to use somebody else’s details.
  2. Know when and where you may use DMU hardware, software and networks. Special permission is needed to use DMU computers for personal, commercial or off-campus work. There may be charges for some computer use.
  3. Understand how to use the equipment. Remember that you will need permission to move or borrow anything, to connect any new hardware or to install new software.
  4. Take care of the equipment. Do not damage or alter any hardware or software. A charge is applicable for repair and reinstallation. Avoid running software or opening files obtained from untrusted sources. Be particularly cautious of accessing files attached to unsolicited emails or stored on untrusted media.
  5. Avoid potential accidents. Do not smoke, drink or eat near the equipment. Eating and drinking is not permitted in student IT laboratories (except in areas specifically designated and where appropriate signs are displayed).
  6. Use data and content sensibly. Do not create, display or circulate any offensive material and always keep within the law. Do not alter or remove data created by other people. Old data and uncollected print outs may be removed through housekeeping procedures so check how long they are kept. DMU is not responsible for any loss caused by your use of any hardware devices, software or network connections. 

Please be aware that we always investigate breaches of conditions of use.  

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