Equality and Diversity Staff Development

At DMU, we have a suite of leadership programmes.  This includes a number of external programmes which focus on those who share certain protected characteristics, such as gender or sexual orientation.  An internal leadership programme focussing on BAME, disabled and female staff is currently in development; this website will be updated as soon as more information is made available.

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Aurora is a women-only leadership development initiative run by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.  Aurora is designed to enable a wide range of women in academic and professional roles in higher education to engage with leadership development, whether they aspire to be a leader, or are early in their leadership career.

Aurora combines four development days with self-directed learning using online resource, and establishes cross-institutional action learning sets. A mentor from within DMU is also provided.  The content of the programme is based on the topics of:

  • Understanding organisations and the sector
  • Developing leadership behaviours, skills and knowledge
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers and obstacles
  • Growing confidence and a leadership identity
  • Building networks, coalitions and support processes

Aurora is intended for women up to senior lecturer level or the professional services equivalent (up to and including Grade G).

The expectations of those who attend Aurora are:

  • To be committed to the full Aurora process, attending all four development days plus the action learning set day, and to be prepared to undertake some self-directed study
  • To undertake all pre-work set for the course in advance of attending each development day
  • To be ready to embrace the mentoring relationship and actively work with their mentors to address their personal development and build their self-reliance
  • To be committed to a career in higher education and be prepared to devote some time to thinking about and planning their career
  • To be prepared to embrace the extensive networking opportunities and participate fully in Aurora
  • To be willing to undertake projects or assignments for their institution in order to build on their developing leadership skills
  • To be prepared to participate in a wider leadership and management development activities. Such activities and interventions will be discussed based on the goals and areas of development you identify through participation in the Aurora Programme

For more information on the Aurora leadership programme, please contact staffdev@dmu.ac.uk or visit the national website.

Leadership Matters

Leadership Matters is a leadership programme, created to address the low representation of women in senior roles in higher education institutes.

Also developed by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, Leadership Matters focusses on developing women who are not yet at executive level, but aspire to this type of senior leadership position.

The programme helps participants to:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the ‘technical’ aspects of leadership and management, particularly around finance and law
  • Grow their understanding of organisational culture, how to navigate micro and macro politics in the HE sector, and how to influence and meet stakeholder needs
  • Cultivate an effective leadership by developing personal presence and resilience

For more information on the Leadership Matters programme, please contact staffdev@dmu.ac.uk or visit the national website.

Stonewall Leadership Programme

The Stonewall Leadership Programme is a programme designed for senior LGBT professionals to explore leadership techniques in the context of reflecting on the relationship between their identity as an LGBT person and their leadership style in the workplace.

A competitive programme of only 36 places, DMU historically has supported up to two applications each year for the Stonewall Leadership Programme, which provides participants with the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on how their identity as an LGBT person has an impact on their role as a leader in the workplace
  • Find out for themselves what it means to be a leader
  • Explore how they can be a more effective organisational role model
  • Network and forge on-going relationships with other lesbian, gay, bi and trans professionals from the private, public and third sectors

For further information on the programme, please visit the Stonewall website.

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