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We will use nine game-changers to make our charter a force for good both on and beyond our campus. These will help us challenge convention where it constrains genuine progress. We will…

Challenge convention with a series of thought provoking projects and events

  • We have commissioned a comprehensive review of imagery and communications, to ensure that DMU is reflected as the inclusive and diverse institution which it is.
  • We will promote DMU learning and academic work on our website and communications, and will highlight the impact of these on students and colleagues.
  • We will continue to build on our programme of events, including Pride, Black History Season and disability awareness days, engaging a number of student change makers
  • We will continue our work on stamping out bullying, harassment and sexual violence through projects such as #NoBystanders and the Mandala Project.
  • We will engage staff and students in the creation and delivery of a campaign around mental health.


Support and challenge our community leaders, local businesses, sports and cultural partners to become community change makers and ambassadors for inclusion

  • We will extend our Pride and Black History Season events further into the community, engaging community change makers.
  • We will extend our work on #NoBystanders into the community and encourage members of the public to make the pledge.
  • We will recruit and train community change makers, to enable DMU’s work on equalities to impact on the local community, similarly enabling us to learn from others within the local area.
  • We will highlight ourselves as an open employer, working for the local community.




Ensure all our teaching and learning is increasingly accessible and inclusive

  • We will continue our work on Universal Design for Learning, to ensure our learning and teaching is accessible to all.
  • We will continue to work closely with the connected project ‘Closing the BAME Attainment Gap’.
  • We will create a toolkit to support staff to consider equality in their work
  • We will develop unconscious bias training, and target training for staff on fractional contracts.


Embed the principles of the #NoBystanders campaign to end bullying and discrimination: Make the pledge to end bullying through #NoBystanders here.

  • We will engage staff and student change makers to raise awareness and run the campaign, highlighting the positive message.
  • We will continue to build on our work on linked projects, such as the Mandala Project.
  • We will raise awareness of the campaign through links with campus events.


Harness the collective knowledge and experience of our students and staff through a regular parliament to tackle the issues that affect us all

  • We will run two ‘parliaments’ a year, using the principles of co-creation and high engagement with staff and students.


Recruit and empower DMU staff and student change makers to champion DMUfreedom at institutional and local levels

  • A ‘pick and mix’ role description will be developed, allowing staff and students to understand the role they can play to change behaviours and attitudes, and ensure that DMU is inclusive.  This will outline the skills, knowledge, understanding and behaviour required to champion DMUfreedom across the university, and beyond.


Train students so that they can be included in the recruitment of senior student centric staff roles and be part of employing a diverse, professional, talented and skilled workforce

  • We will recruit a number of students in each academic cycle to be trained in recruitment and selection.  Through co-creation, staff and students will design job roles, design the recruitment and selection process and design the training and support mechanism.


Take action to ensure that staff development opportunities are inclusive

  • This will be largely delivered through work under the people strategy.


Offer all students skilled and inclusive academic support through their personal tutors

  • This will be largely delivered through the personal tutor’s development project.  It is envisaged that personal tutors participate as change makers and receive training and skills to share with other tutors.