We are a team of professional academic developers who are members of the People and Organisational Development Directorate. We hold our colleagues to be a diverse and multi-faceted academic community of professional teachers, researchers and learners.  Our approach set out below is based on values developed by SEDA (Staff and Educational Development Association).  It supports the DMU Mission and Values and the POD Vision and Values.

1. Collaborating with colleagues to develop academic practice and processes
We engage with others to support their, and their students’ development, to develop ourselves and to contribute to the development of the DMU as an organisation, and HE more widely.

2. Working in and developing learning communities
For example  TF Network; Gateway Papers; Ed Sig;  Pedagogic interest Groups; Partner Colleges; Midlands Academic Practice  Network  (previously M1 M69); ilearning;  Women Professors Network; SEDA; SRHE; HEA; Subject Centres; Research Seminars; PG Conferences (internal and external) inter/intra faculty, directorate and HEI; promotion of research network.

3. An understanding of how people learn
The learning of all staff and students is on-going and continuous as is understanding how people learn. We engage proactively in the scholarship of learning and teaching; disseminating others’ work, and undertaking our own in order enhance the learning experiences of our colleagues and students.

4. Scholarship, professionalism and ethical practice
Scholarship enables us to adopt an informed, analytical and critical approach to what and how we learn. By drawing on competing theories, policies, models and research scholarship allows us to interrogate and challenge our practice.
Ethical practice permeates all our work; it involves valuing the roles everyone in the University plays, and being aware of how differences in power can impact on work relationships, and not misusing that power; confidentiality; sustainability; trust and mutual respect all contribute to ethical practice.

5. Working effectively with diversity and promoting inclusivity
We seek to ensure that each learner, and each colleague,  has, as far as possible, the same or appropriately equivalent opportunity to learn, develop and succeed. We learn from and are enriched by this diversity in the staff and student body.

6. Continuing reflection on professional practice
Interrogating what we are doing now; what works; what needs improving; rationale for change/meeting internal and external priorities.  What can we do (i) in the short term; (ii) in the longer term?

We hope the above gives our colleagues across the university and beyond a clearer idea of our work and the principles which guide it. 

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