Responding to Employers- Moving into the Mainstream

An Employer Engagement & Employability Conference hosted by the Academic Professional Development Unit and Teacher Fellows on Friday 11 June 2010.

HEIs place increasing strategic importance on teaching, learning and assessment that is informed by and, in turn, develops, practice in the workplace.  This conference celebrated the high quality, innovative work that is already taking place at DMU, and more widely, and seeks to build a community of practice to increase this expertise.

There were a range of workshops exploring policy and practice in a number of disciplinary areas and with contributors across the University.


Keynote Address 1:
Enhancing Employer-University Partnerships for Work-Based Learning: Policies, Perspectives and Practices  
Lindsey McEwen is Professor of Physical Geography, Director of the Pedagogic Research and Scholarship Institute at the University of Gloucestershire and a National Teaching Fellow.
Kristine Mason O'Connor is Professor Emerita, Higher Educational Development, former Dean of Teaching and Learning at the University of Gloucestershire and a National Teaching Fellow.

Keynote Address 2:
Embracing Entrepreneurialism: The Diversification of the Third Mission  
Dr Tim Vorley is a University Lecturer and Fellow of Churchill College at the University of Cambridge.

Further information about the Keynotes



Conference Poster / Flyer

Workshop Choice 1

Workshop Choice 2

Workshops listed below with links to presentations:

No   Workshop Title & Facilitator(s)

     What do they really want? - Julia Pointon

2     Learning and Leading at a distance - Jane Challinor

3     Using conceptual models on professional degree programmes to enhance student learning - Rachel Higdon & Pam Thompson

4     Planning for success in a workbased learning context - Mary Pillai & Sue Bloy

5     Enhancing Employability through International Volunteering Expeditions: Raleigh International - Andrew Rothwell & Brandon Charleston

6     Meeting skills gaps in the classroom - Karen Rondeau & Ruth Lawton

7     Two steps forward and one step back - institutional hurdles and collaborative solutions - Ros Lishman

8     The MoRSE project - enhancing placement learning by science students - Peter Taylor, Richard Hall & Malcolm Andrew

    Integrating action learning into the work based curriculum  - James Dooher & Nicky Drucquer

10   Keeping it simple…is not always best - Sarah Hilder




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