Good Practice Showcase

Good Practice Showcase Poster/Flyer 


The Virtual Analytical Laboratory - Viv Rolfe (Health & Life Sciences)
- VAL Poster - Virtual Analytical Laboratory Project

Developing Creative, Transdisciplinary Teaching - Sophy Smith (IOCT)

Using simulations and games with students - Chris Goldsmith (Health & Life Sciences)

Innovations in Podcasting - Malcolm Andrew (Health & Life Sciences)

Innovations in multimedia and user-generated content - Andrew Clay & Rob Watson (Technology)

Investigating the potential of multimedia - Caroline Coles (Business & Law)
- The potential of Multimedia: Articulate: Wiki 
- Caroline Cole's - Guide to 'How to use Articulate' & Guide to 'How to use a WIKI' 

Making abstract concepts accessible to year 1 students (Teaching Globalisation) - Frances Wright (Business & Law)
- Revision of the style of teaching of a first year module.  The Global Environment 

Research Informed Teaching Project - Devleoping Research Skills - Julia Reeves (Art & Design)
- Development of resources for research skills 


Extending boundaries of Computer based assessment - Marcus Warren & Harish Ravat (Business & Law)
- Extending the boundaries of Computer based assessment 

Using Turnitin for 4th year Pharmacy projects - Susie Walsh (Health & Life Sciences)
- Turnitin and Final Year Pharmacy Projects 

Evaluation of staff and student experiences of using Turnitin for formative and summative assessment - Viv Rolfe (Health & Life Sciences)
- Poster - Evaluation of staff and student experiences of using Turnitin for formative and summative assessment  

Practice-based assessment: autonomy and anonymity - Marie Hay & Lucy Mathers - (Humanties / Technology)
- Practice-based assessment: autonomy and anonymity 


InCurriculum Project - Richard Chipps/David Pollak (Art & Design / Student Services)
-  |  Incurriculum Poster 

Brain HE Project - Ed Griffin (Student Services)
-  |  BrainHE Poster 

Disability Compendium - David Pollak/Sophia Goddard (DAQ/Student Services)
- Inclusive Learning and Teaching @ DMU 

Learning Developers and Librarians working together - Mary Pillai (CLaSS)
- Mary Pillai's TF poster - 'Learning developers and librarians working together'  |  Link CLaSS -

Student Peer mentoring: CLaSS working in partnership with a course team - Louise Buckingham (CLaSS)
- Student 'Peer Mentoring' CLaSS working in partnership with course teams 

'Writing support service' - Melanie Petch (CLaSS)




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