Diversity Awareness and Inclusive Practice Showcase

Hosted by the Academic Professional Development Unit, Department of Academic Quality and HR Training & Development on 1 December 2009.

Showcase flyer used to promote this event.

1.  So You Think You Could Do Better? A Strategic Approach to the Development of Personal Tutoring in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (Abigail Moriarty)

2.  St Phillips Centre for Study and Engagement in a Multi Faith World (Alan Race)

3.  Library Disability Support Services 

4.  Mental Health Support (Ami Benning / Jemma Day)

5.  Understanding the Barriers to Higher Education for Looked After Children (Angela O'Sullivan / Ryan Ward / Melissa Page)

The Way Ahead Project Aim  |  Supporting Care Leavers and Estranged Students into and through HE 

6.  EIA on the Admissions Policy – Are we truly inclusive?  (Anne Maddox)

7.  Health promotion and well-being support for staff at DMU: Gender, Mental Health, Disability (Anthea Turnbull) 

8.  Equality@DMU (Vincent Corneilius / Christine Nightingale) 
Diversity Learning Zone  |  Poster   |  Race Equality Scheme Annual Report 2009  |  Gender Equality Scheme Annual Report 2009  |  Equality and Diversity Update Dec 2009    |  Disabilty Equality Scheme 2009-12  |  The Equality Impact Assessment   (DRAFT Nov 2009)

9.  Supporting Dyslexia (Christine Nightingale / Vincent Cornelius)

10.  Improving Academic Guidance Resources for Dyslexic Learners in Humanities   (Claire MacTavish)

11.  The Mature Student Experience: Faculty of Humanities approach (Debbie Le Play)

12.  Diversity and Lectures (Frances Wright)

13.  ESTEEM: Empowerment through Study Training Enabling Education & Empowerment (George Taylor)

14.  Working with disabled students: Creating accessible environments (Georgina Hill / Sarah Thomson)

Code of Practice  |  Extensions for dyslexic students  |  Placement Accessibility checklist  |  Screening for Nurses and Midwives  |  Admissions Process for Disabled Applicants  |  Faculty of Technology Admissions Process  |  UCAS Disbility Codes   

Useful links:


15.  Broadening the Scope of Learning Technologies (Heather Conboy / Andrew Clay)

16.  Diversity and International Students (Julia Pointon)

17.  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people in Health and Social Care (Julie Fish)

Coming out about Breast Cancer  |  How to be LGBT friendly   

18.  TechDis Project on the use of visualisers (Kathy Bell / Heather Conboy)

19.  A professional development approach to learning, teaching and assessment (Lucy Mathers / Rob Watson)

20.  Research and Evidence for Best Practice in Diversity & Ethnicity in Health & Social Care (Mark Johnson / Wesley Hubbard) 

Focus on Ethnicity and Health  |  NHS Evidence Ethnictiy and Health presentation 

Useful links:
http://www.radcliffe-oxford.com/journals/J18_Diversity_in_Health_and_Social_Care/ - Information about the Diversity in Health and Care Journal

21.  InCurriculum Project  |  InCurriulum Poster (Richard Chipps)

22.  Promoting Diversity in the Workplace (Gemma Cowell / Eleanor Ridge)

23.  Accessiblity Essentials (Kelly Perrin on behalf of JISC)

24.  Inclusive learning and teaching @ DMU (Sophia Goddard / Sheree Peaple)

25.  ‘Accessible buildings, accessible campus’ (Stuart Turner / Simon L'homme)

26.  Disabled Students’ Allowance and Disability Advice and Support (DSA & DAS) (Sylvia Langham / Jemma Day / Lynda Smith)

DSA flowchart  |  Disability Students' Allowance 

Useful links:

27.  Online Diversity Resources (Vincent Cornelius) 


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