Varsity 2019 fixtures

DMU students and staff are encouraged to support our teams during Varsity. Most fixtures are free to attend with no tickets required for admission, except the rugby fixtures at Welford Road, where tickets cost £5 and can be bought from the DSU online store.

Fixture Time Venue Result Series Score
Summer Series 2019
Monday 6 April
Cricket 2nd Team 4pm Cropston Cricket Club    
Tuesday 7 April
Cricket 1st Team 4pm Grace Road Cricket Ground    
Thursday 9 April
American Football 5pm Beaumont Park    


Spring Series 2019 

Wednesday 6 March
Tennis Women's 1st 9am-4pm Knighton Tennis Centre  L  0-1
Tennis Men's 1st 9am-4pm Knighton Tennis Centre


Climbing 1-5pm The Tower  tbc  
Cricket (Indoor) Men's 2nd 12-1pm  City Cricket Academy  W 1-2 
Cricket (Indoor) Women's 1st 1-2pm City Cricket Academy  W  2-2
Cricket (Indoor) Men's 1st 2-3pm City Cricket Academy  W  3-2
Ski & Snowboard 12-4pm Stoke Ski Centre  W  4-2
Taekwondo 6-8.30pm Danielle Brown Sports Centre


Rugby Union Women's 1st 6.15-7.45pm Welford Road Stadium  L  5-3
Rugby Union Men's 1st 8.05-9.35pm Welford Road Stadium  L  5-4
Thursday 7 March
Table Tennis Men's 1st 5:30-9pm Danielle Brown Sports Centre  W  6-4
Table Tennis Women's 1st 5:30-9pm Danielle Brown Sports Centre  L  6-5
Fencing Women's 1st 6-9pm Charles Wilson Sports Hall  L  6-6
Fencing Men's 1st  6-9pm Charles Wilson Sports Hall  L 6-7 
Dodgeball (Mixed) 1st & 2nd 6-9pm Danielle Browne Sports Centre

 1st - W

2nd - L

Friday 8 March
Volleyball Men's 1st* 5:15-7:15pm Roger Bettles Sports Centre  W* 8-8
Hockey Men's 1st 6-7:30pm Roger Bettles Sports Centre  L 8-9
Jiu Jitsu 7:30-10pm Danielle Brown Sports Centre  Draw 9-10 
Volleyball Women's 1st  7:30-9:30 Roger Bettles Sports Centre  W 10-10 
Hockey Women's 1st 8-9.30pm Roger Bettles Sports Centre  L  10-11
Saturday 9 March
Cycling 10-1pm New College  L 10-12 
Netball Women's 2nd 11-12:30 Leicester Morningside Arena  L 10-13
Netball Women's 1st 12:45-2:15pm Leicester Morningside Arena  L 10-14 
Football Men's 3rd, 4th & 5th 2-4pm  Stoughton Road

3rd - W

4th - L

5th - L

Rugby Union Men's 2nd & 3rd 2-4pm Stoughton Road

2nd - L

3rd - L

Basketball Men's 2nd 4-6pm Leicester Morningside Arena  W 12-18
Basketball Women's 1st 6-8pm Leicester Morningside Arena  L  12-19
Basketball Men's 1st 8-10pm Leicester Morningside Arena  W  13-19

Sunday 10 March

Badminton Men's 2nd

9-10am QE2  L  13-20
Badminton Men's 1st 10am-11am QE2  L  13-21
Badminton Women's 1st 11am-12pm QE2  L  13-22
Archery 10am-2pm The Watershed  W 14-22
Netball Women's 5th 12:30-2pm QE2  L  14-23
American Football tbc (postponed) Stoughton Road TBC TBC 
Lacrosse Women's 1st 2-3:30pm Stoughton Road  L 14-24 
Cross Country 2-4pm Stoughton Road  L 14-25
Netball Women's 4th 2:15-3:45pm QE2  L 14-26
Netball Women's 3rd 4-5:30pm QE2   L 14-27
Swimming 3:30-7pm QE2  L  14-28
Lacrosse Men's 1st 3:30-5pm Stoughton Road  L  14-29
Football Men's 2nd 5-7pm Beaumont Park  L  14-30
Football Women's 2nd 5-7pm Beaumont Park  15-30
Cheerleading 6-9pm New College  W  16-30

Monday 11 March

Equestrian 1st & 2nd

5-8pm Brooksby Melton College

1st - W

2nd - W

Football Women's 1st 6-7:45pm Aylestone Park FC  L 18-31 
Football Men's 1st 8-9:45 Aylestone Park FC  L 18-32 

Tuesday 12 March

Ultimate (Indoor)

7-8:30pm QE2  L 18-33 

Ultimate (Indoor)

8:30-10 QE2  L  18-34

Wednesday 13 March


10am-3pm Leicestershire Golf Club  L 18-35

Friday 15 March

Futsal Men's 3rd 4-5pm QE2  W  19-35
Futsal Men's 2nd 5:15-6:15pm QE2  W  20-35
Futsal Women's 1st 6:30-7:30pm QE2  L  20-36
Futsal Men's 1st 7:45-9:30pm QE2  L  20-37
Saturday 16 March
Squash Men's 2nd 3-4:30pm Leicester Squash Club  20-38
Squash Women's 1st 4:30-6pm Leicester Squash Club  L  20-39
Squash Men's 1st 6-7.30pm Leicester Squash Club  L  20-40
Tuesday 7 May
Cricket (Outdoor) Men's 1st 4-7pm Grace Rd    
Wednesday 8 May
Rowing Men's 1st 4:30-7:30pm LRC/Watershed    
Rowing Women's 1st 4:30-7:30pm LRC/Watershed    

*The Volleyball Men's fixture was replayed on Wednesday 27 March due to issues with the net in the original fixture.
Varsity 2019 Transport

For the Varsity 2019 series we are providing transport for spectators to and from venues. Departure times tbc. 

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